Playful Engagement With The Past

HIST3812 is a studio-based engagement with the past. We’re building games and other playful approaches to communicating the past, examining the past, and challenging the past…. now and into the future.

Office: PA 406

Do I Have To Be Techy?

In a word, no! You do have to be willing to be comfortable with experimentation, with things that break, and with…


Everything we do here builds on what came before. Some things carry formal grades because that’s the system we live in.…


There are a lot of resources out there to help us. I try to suggest free and/or open source tools whenever possible.…


We have a Discord server that you are welcome to use to coordinate any group work, to share materials, to plot and to…


The course is divided into three parts, with three interstitial weeks where we build things. We meet Mondays and…


Epoiesen: A Journal for Creative Engagement in History and Archaeology ἐποίησεν (epoiesen)- made - is a journal for…


A Creative Approach

This is a class about collaborative & playful approaches to the past - not lectures.


Difficult Conversations

There are ethical issues to consider.


'Failure' is a Virtue

Things will break. The emphasis therefore is on process.